...watching the dawn.

I promised my teacher to write my diary in English.
Ok, guys.

Sometimes I can't stop feeling hate. It's senseless. And silly.
Such a honest hater.
It seems to me that I hate L as the devil hates holy water. I'm shivering when L ... It's like an outbreak of madness.
I can't understand it. In fact that I wanted to leave this school, when I saw that... Helga was forgetting me.
We're not able to return our relationships. Everything has the End.
I never felt bad because of breaking up before. But it wasn't so painful. It's just a disappointment. It's an useful lesson, isn't it?
Nothing is eternal.
And I'm thinking about... how to make the feelings stronger. How to protect it from our cruelty and pride.
Is it possible?
Truth or dare....
What do you choose? Tell the truth or keep silence? Silence costs the earth.
And it's not money. It's your soul. All your actions change it. They can make the soul immortal or destroy it.
How dare you close your eyes when the world collapses around you?
Do you feel panic? Why are you silent? Scream!
Do you think you can conquer fear? Run away.
You're too faint. You won't get your aim unless you change you lifestyle. Shut up and go.
Flop? Try again. New failure? Try better.
Painkiller, killer, killer, killer, killer...
You should become bulletproof.
Tiil I'm alive, I'll be waiting for you.
Falling into a hole.
«Do you like my new craze?»

«You thought you could take it out,
But the world collapse and you can't see out of it now.
You go crazy, baby»

Painkiller - Pendulum

Michael Cheval. Basket of love

Day zero

@музыка: Painkiller - Pendulum

@настроение: so bulletproof

@темы: Письм@ Чеширского Кота, Мысли вслух

2012-01-22 в 18:46 

Ellen RainboWR
[*бабочка семейства кроличьих*] безумный гетщик
As always gloomy for a little.
By the way, great idea about English. I thought about it either so I made an acc on tumblr but... the same thing if I didn't have it.
Good luck in improving lang-skills! :buddy:

2012-01-26 в 18:11 

As always ^^ there are some things which never change. )
«All things are difficult before they are easy»(с)
Danke :D

2012-01-26 в 20:31 

Ellen RainboWR
[*бабочка семейства кроличьих*] безумный гетщик
U're practicin' German now?))

2012-01-27 в 21:09 

Of course, no. But it sounds funny)

2012-01-27 в 21:25 

Ellen RainboWR
[*бабочка семейства кроличьих*] безумный гетщик
Well, as I thought :D


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